Possibilities bars

On request of a large number of customers we develop our own recipes in our laboratory. Our customers can meet with the latest consumer trends because of these developments. We can also help with packaging, logistics and marketing to enlarge their success. The order quantities per new developed recipe starts with a minimum of 250.000 bars per production run. Contact us via our contact form to discuss the possibilities or see our assortment for more information about our bars.


Double your turnover with handy packaging displays

Next to a good product you can also enlarge your turnover with the presentation of your product. From results of several experiments in the European supermarket chains we can show you how to enlarge your turnover in a year with our handy packaging displays. For example: we can produce in SRP (shelf ready packaging) outer cases, so the products can be placed on the shelfs immediately. The skillets could be packed in displays, to attract attention in the shops. We also have the possibility to pack bars in small displays, those can be placed next to the checkout. For more information or questions about our possibilities you can contact us via the contact form on the bottom of the website. 


Single bars


We also have the possibillity to sell single bars in bulk packaging, for example 150 or 200 bars per outer case. 

No private label?

In case you do not provide an own private label, you can also choose for our own brand Muesli+ to enter the market. On the page Muesli+ you can find the various flavours we have in our own brand assortment and the quantities per packaging. We also produce crunchy granola bars under our Muesli+ brand.

Haco Innovation Lab

Haco Innovation Lab is part of Haco and focuses on start-ups, for more information visit:


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