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Working at Ravensbergen Food B.V.

Ravensbergen Food B.V. is one of the leading European producers on the cereal bars and pastry market. The company has a rich history in developing and producing cereal bars, granola bars and filled rounds.


With a production of more than 210 million bars and rounds per year, Ravensbergen Food B.V. is an appreciated partner for over 40 private labels in Europe. Modernisation is high on the agenda. The ambition to strengthen its market position is highly noticeable in production. In the Netherlands, and in the surrounding countries, it focuses strongly on increasing the range of high quality cereal and pastry products.


Ravensbergen Food BV is looking for employees who want to leave their mark on the further optimization of production and manufacturing processes. Ravensbergen Food is a non-smoking company.


Currently there are no vacancies available. 


Ravensbergen Food B.V.


Wasbeekerlaan 6


2171 AE Sassenheim


The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)252-219102


Fax: +31 (0)252-231703